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Photo credit: Angela Ricciardi

Nanna shares new track ‘Disaster Master’

On the heels of her debut album announcement, Nanna releases ‘Disaster Master,’ a new track from the forthcoming project. Riddled with charged emotions and the pangs of anxiety, ‘Disaster Master’ is written by Nanna and produced by Josh Kauffman (Bob Weir, The National, The War on Drugs). This is the third track release from her album How to Start a Garden out May 5 via Republic Records.

“I wrote ‘Disaster Master’ just before leaving Iceland to go record in upstate NY at Dreamland studio.” said Nanna. “ When I arrived and shared the song with Josh, we immediately got very excited about where this song could go.”

The lyrics in ‘Disaster Master’ are about embracing chaos. “I’m addicted to disastrous thinking” sings Nanna as she chronicles a vicious cycle of finding herself in the same anxiety loop – the disaster mode. It ultimately reaches a familiar point, almost like a much needed safety blanket.

Nanna notes of the song, “This track speaks on some of the major themes of the album and is a nod to the title track. The lyrics are about attempting to embrace chaos as a natural part of yourself. To almost find comfort in the worst case scenario. It ends in search for a simpler path, a little faraway wish.”

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