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Photo credit: Katya Kaushan

Niamh Regan shares new song ‘Madonna’

Critically acclaimed artist Niamh Regan returns with first single ‘Madonna’, from her upcoming album Come As You Are (out May 31 via Faction Records). Written in a stream of consciousness, ‘Madonna’ focuses on violence often suffered by women. It’s also symbolic of Niamh’s disregard for genre expectations and showcasing her prowess as a singer-songwriter.

While Come As You Are represents a bold evolution for Niamh, its first single ‘Madonna’ is the song that feels most intrinsically tied to her debut Hemet. It’s a raw, one-take live recording of her voice and acoustic guitar which has a hymnal warmth. Niamh offers, “I wanted to start the album kind of as bravely as possible and I think that way is to do it on your own.”

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