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Nice Biscuit share new single/video ‘Rain’

Brisbane’s Nice Biscuit return with the enigmatic psych groove of new single ‘Rain’. Released now through Bad Vibrations (UK) and Greenway Records (US), ‘Rain’ is their first original release since their 2021 double EPs, Create Simulate and Passing Over.

Written in the wake of devastating bushfires and floods, ‘Rain’ grapples with climate anxiety and the confusion of begging for respite as climate fluctuates rapidly between extreme events. A slick fusion of psych and garage, it blends driving rhythms with crunchy guitars and soaring above the gritty and dynamic instrumental backdrop are the iconic, ethereal vocals of frontwomen Billie Star and Grace Cuell. Their voices intertwine to create a hauntingly beautiful melody that echoes the dual nature of the song’s message: a desperate plea for respite and a hopeful call to action.

“We began to work on ‘Rain’ again after a catastrophic flooding event occurred in Meanjin (Brisbane) in 2022, after weeks of constant rain,” explain the band. “We felt trapped in this feeling of helplessness. The song then became a reflection of the psychological impacts of climate change, where you are at first wishing for rain and then begging for it to stop. We changed the lyrics to reflect this, alternating between ‘stop the rain’ and ‘please don’t stop the rain’. We live in a system where action to mitigate climate change is ignored – so in this song we imagined a rainbow ‘cracking through the concrete’ to break free from the shackles of the system to bring change and… the rain. It’s a positive take on a situation that can make us feel powerless – to encourage us to keep going and to not lose hope when everything is uncertain.”

Released with ‘Rain’ is a 7 minute video clip directed by Josh Tate and features Nice Biscuit as scientist. Frustrated in their search for answers, the film clip follows the band from science lab to out in the field as they frantically look for Rain.

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