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Niina Soleil shares new single ‘Flowers On Fire’

Singer-songwriter Niina Soleil shares a brand new single, ‘Flowers On Fire.’

“‘Flowers on Fire’ was basically done in a few hours, after several shots of mezcal and a flurry of musical ideas ping-pong,” said Niina. “My co-writers for this song, Jeremy Ruzumna and Erik Janson, are both out of their minds in the best way possible. Musical geniuses and huge goofballs. We had a blast. Lyrically, ‘Flowers on Fire’ is about passion and tension, suspense and release. It’s also sort of a challenge, a ‘your move,’ kind of song. Like, the ball’s in your court— so what’re you going to do about it?

“So much of my lyrics are imagery and word puzzles, with meter and rhythm and rhyme. And I always seem to subconsciously make life hard for myself lyrically! I mean, I rhymed ‘subterranean’ with ‘rein me in’ in my head and then I had to write an entire verse around that idea alone. So extra.”


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