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Noelle Sucks shares new single ‘Ugly Ugly’

Rising LA-based singer-songwriter, Noelle Sucks, shares her brand new single, ‘Ugly Ugly,’ marking her first release through Graveboy Records, Insomniac and Emo Nite’s newest endeavor. Produced by frequent collaborator Joel Ferber, ‘Ugly Ugly’ is an honest and unfiltered track that addresses the reality and turmoil faced when processing unhealthy relationships. Between the anthemic synth and compelling honesty, Noelle allows herself to look in the mirror and accept the past in order to change her future, ultimately leading to self acceptance.

“This song came from the depths of anger and frustration from a specific cycle I keep finding myself in with bad friends,” shares Noelle. “That being said, I was willing to accept my part in it all by looking in the mirror at a time I really didn’t want to. I hope people can scream the lyrics and feel the frustration leave their body, like I do. I feel like it sort of reclaims the meaning of the word “Ugly” a little bit, too. Owning the truth should be freeing, that’s how this song makes me feel.”

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