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Photo credit: Maria Inez Moro

((( O ))) celebrates the unbreakable spirit that connects us on ‘Don’t Die’

Filipino-American multidisciplinary artist and activist ((( O ))) shares her latest ‘Don’t Die’ off of her forthcoming album, ((( 4 ))), out this summer on August 27 (the day of her birthday). An unpronounceable symbol, ((( O ))) represents an all-seeing eye, the big bang, birth, rebirth, the female anatomy that makes birth possible, a ripple in an otherwise still body of crystal clear water… or whatever else that might resonate with you.

Sonically, ‘Don’t Die’ takes you into indie-tronica hyperdrive, crossing the hurried electro stylings of Grimes with the serene subtlty of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano. Quickly cut synths and kick-drums sit atop long, hypnotic, free-flowing vocals. Of ‘Don’t Die,’ ((( O ))) says, it’s a “song of celebration. Celebrating the unbreakable spirit that connects us. Our inner strength and resilience lies within everyone in the face of challenges, that we can find the strength to persevere and triumph together.” The result is a conjure of a space-age video game, zipping through the cosmos to the soundtrack of her ever-soothing, otherworldly voice.

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