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Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

O. unveil debut single ‘OGO’

Speedy Wunderground continue their flair for finding and nurturing new talent, this time with the release of ‘OGO’, a debut single – and one that follows a triumphant performance at the Pitchfork Festival earlier this week – from the much-tipped South London two-piece O..

O. are Joseph Henwood (sax) and Tash Keary (drums). Formed during the first lockdown, the duo started improvising together at home with just acoustic sax and drums before securing studio time in Peckham to start experimenting further with guitar pedals, amps and studio effects units, all pushing the limits of their two instruments – a rule put in place that everything was to be made by manipulating and layering their sax and drums alone.

A sound evolved far bigger than the sum of its parts, the dedication to live performance and the need to be in the moment extending to their thrilling, ever-shifting debut single, one which they won’t hear until you do.

Sax player Joe Henwood had the following to say about how ‘OGO’ came about: “We wrote ‘OGO’ in a soundcheck in Oslo, whilst on tour supporting black midi. It had hit minus 5 outside so we started jamming something fast to try and keep our hands warm.

“Playing live is a really big part of O., so we loved the Speedy Wunderground approach of recording one track in one day, holding off on major edits, and we are not even listening to the track until it’s released. It’s just the two of us on the single (as it is live) with Dan Carey and Adele Phillips helping us recreate that gig feeling in the studio.”

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