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Photo credit: Jamie Ellington

Odetta Hartman shares new single ‘Winter Constellations’

New York singer-songwriter Odetta Hartman will release her second album, swansongs, next month, March 22 via Transgressive Records. Now, Odetta unveils the final single ahead of her album release.

On album highlight ‘Winter Constellations’ Odetta says, “This was the first to track, last to crack. The early demos of this song were always built around a banjo accompaniment but the lack of quality home studio resources left the chordal content feeling limp and metallic. Freedom’s bag of tricks – including crayola-colored boom whackers & a homemade xylophone with slate and glass panes – brought so much life and whimsy to the arrangement, requiring a warmer layer of support than my cheap-o-banjo could offer. Luckily, Wyatt had fallen deep into the rabbit hole of synth magic, and with a mad-scientist’s grin, suggested we “feed the DNA” to his Moog, then scroll through our options. This breakthrough moment was an ultimate game-changer for the record, and frankly, my personal musicianship: by converting the banjo audio to midi, we were able to twiddle knobs til we found the most perfectly warm digital texture while keeping my finger-picked gestures and individual impulses intact. The solution arose from being absolutely stumped and subsequently inspired many revisions on the record – an excellent reminder of why we love the craft!”

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