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Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Odie Leigh shares new song/video, ‘Already (On My Mind)’

New Orleans-bred, Detroit-based singer-songwriter Odie Leigh releases her infectious debut album this Friday with new song and companion video ‘Already (On My Mind)’ out now.

“‘Already (On My Mind)’ is a reflection on the beginning of a relationship and the confusion that comes with it, I wanted the verses and chorus to almost feel like different songs,” says Odie Leigh. “We kept the verses simple and driving to reflect the groundedness of being with another person and feeling secure and made the choruses lofty and vibrant to capture the feeling of the spiraling uncertainty that comes with a new relationship.

“Also, I tried to sneak as much trumpet into this album as I could. There are a couple of songs that we recorded trumpet on but ended up taking it out and thankfully this isn’t one of them. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this track to feel full and fun and welcoming, and I think we accomplished that exactly.”

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