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Olive + Harrison release new single ‘Normal, See?’

Whimsical indie pop meets experimental hip hop duo Olive + Harrison is a new project from New York based acclaimed singer Olive Louise and producer songwriter Harrison. Their new single ‘Normal, See?’ is a raw and unfiltered track depicting the dark side of mental health struggles, depression, and the perils of hiding one’s true self.

Harrison confides, “I hope ‘Normal See?’ can shine a light on how theatrical and absurd our performance in daily life can be. The social fabric that holds our entire first world civilization together is a house of mirrors, and when that is the reality we’ve all agreed upon – I imagine the most frightening mirror is the one that reflects us as we are.

“‘Normal See?’ begins with haunting piano chords, fanciful vocals cleverly paired with fenetic hip hop beats, and sharp rap verses swiftly delivered by Harrison for an unconventional sonic journey.

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