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Photo credit: Eva Link

PACKS share new single ‘Paige Machine’

It’s been a busy year for PACKS, the Madeline Link-led project who are getting set to release their third LP, Melt The Honey on January 19 via Fire Talk. The album was announced in September, and is the group’s second LP in 12 months, following the release of Crispy, Crunchy Nothing in March. They have shared two singles from the record so far, ‘Honey’ and ‘HFCS’. The band are currently on the road in the UK and Europe supporting Slow Pulp, and now they are sharing a third preview of their new LP, a track called ‘Paige Machine.’

‘Paige Machine’ opens with the hiss of rain from an epic thunderstorm that happened in the forests of Veracruz, where PACKS tracked the record. The most laidback track released from the record so far, the song is centered around a langorous slide guitar hook, and was inspired by Mark Twain, using a device he championed as a metaphor for life, wherein our stubborn, progress-hungry attempts to improve what is already working can lead to obsessive tinkering and endless re-dos.

Says Link: “Twain invested in a printing device called the Paige Compositor, spent his life’s savings on it, and it worked almost perfectly. It would have been revolutionary, but then the inventor, Paige, took it apart to tweak something, make the machine work even better, and it never worked again. They say that this failure led to Mark Twain’s decline.”

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