You are currently viewing pecq release skittering electro-pop single ‘out loud’
Photo credit: Niko O'Brien

pecq release skittering electro-pop single ‘out loud’

pecq release transfixing new single ‘out loud’, signalling the release of a new project to be released in 2024.

On new single ‘out loud’, pecq’s command of sonic world building and gracious, propulsive pop songwriting is on full, undeniable display. Referencing the experimental, spiralling work of Ultraísta along with the meditative songwriting of Sampha as influences on their music, ‘out loud’ is, in contrast to its title, a song rooted in insularity.

Skittering, distorted cymbals guide its introduction, with Jakes’ captivating, fragile voice floating atop the sparse instrumentals as she sings “I don’t wanna talk about it anyway”. As ‘out loud’ moves through the gears, the song incorporates lush piano movements with striking atmospherics before exploding into a warped, drum & bass-influenced closing section.

Speaking more on the release of ‘out loud’, Jakes said: “‘out loud’ is about not being able to tell someone how you feel about them. As a queer kid with loads of immune problems, I learnt to pretty early on hide a lot of myself for self-preservation and music was always my place to get stuff out. This song is reflecting on the weight of repeatedly keeping things secret and I guess acknowledging that it doesn’t really work – feelings get stranger and bigger the longer you bury them, and grow into a force of their own that moves you forward whether you like it or not.

“We wanted to create that feeling of this hidden things trying to creep out – there’s lot of little moments of peaks trying to rise up and then getting cut down, drums trying to settle and then getting broken up.”

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