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Photo credit: Nicolas Blanchadell

Philine Sonny announces Invader EP & shares new single ‘Drugs’

Philine Sonny is immediate. Her music compels you to want to dance, cry, scream, and you’ll want to roll the windows down and go for an endless drive. The German-born alternative singer-songwriter and producer is a master of hook-packed, guitar driven pop catharsis, and she’s only just getting started.

Philine shares her new single ‘Drugs’ alongside her signing announcement to Nettwerk and forthcoming EP Invader out March 1, 2024. The tongue-in-cheek ‘Drugs’ springs to life with dreamy, layered vocals, plaintive guitar, and a soaring chorus. It touches upon those coming-of-age movie moments, where there’s excitement in the air but altruistically the characters, young and in love, come to different crossroads, unsure where to find road to the next frontier of life.

Philine Sonny shares this about her new single, “‘Drugs’ is the soundtrack to the movie playing in your head. It’s a romanticized idea of what life would look like if one was bold and reckless enough to let go of fear and daring to lose everything for the sake of feeling alive.”

Directed by Fabian Süggeler, the ‘Drugs’ music video showcases two distinct levels: one with a captivating drawn image effect, achieved through meticulous photo printing and stop-motion techniques, and another featuring a “real-life” sequence filmed at a junkyard. Philine dedicated countless hours to perfecting the stop-motion effect, and the stunning result speaks for itself.

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