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Photo credit: Caitlin Braddock

pinkpirate unveils new single ‘Undone’

Today, pinkpirate shares their slick new track ‘Undone’. Fusing classic garage style drum beats with gentle guitars and catchy vocal melodies, ‘Undone’ sees pinkpirate put their own modern flavour into nostalgic sounds whilst lyrically conveying the timeless intricacies of problematic relationships.

Speaking about the release, pinkpirate says: “‘Undone’ was inspired by the sounds of the early 00s. I really liked the idea of mixing sounds like an acoustic guitar with a big electronic drum sound.

“Lyrically, the song is about seeing friends being treated sub-par by their partner, knowing that you could easily treat them better in that situation without thinking twice about it. The main theme comes in the chorus, where the lyrics talk about being willing to mentally come ‘undone’ – open up and tell them everything – if they took a step back to listen to you and realise how they were being treated.”

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