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Pool Girl shares ever-ethereal new single ‘I Liked It’

Introducing Pool Girl, the shimmering, nostalgic new sound from multifaceted creative Allie Nixon, known for her previous work with Little Jet. Her debut single, ‘I Liked It’, marks an exciting new chapter in her musical journey. As Pool Girl, Nixon brings a unique, carefree essence that captivates and excites, making this project a refreshing and compelling addition to the music scene. Dive into the nostalgic vibes and let Pool Girl’s sound wash over you.

Speaking on the release, Pool Girl shares; “’I liked it’ captures the intricacies of casual relationships and the important role they play in our lives. Acknowledging that though they may not be true intimacy, there is a worthwhile light heartedness and playfulness in exploring curiosities.”

‘I Liked It’ radiates with a synth-soaked, glistening quality that feels boldly contemporary while seamlessly blending a nostalgic, 80s-inspired hazy sound. Much like Beach House, Pool Girl champions a dream pop sound, creating a mesmerising sonic experience that is both fresh and familiar.

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