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Photo credit: Kira Blaker

Princess Tapioca release their sophomore single ‘if i go’

Lo-Fi/R&B duo Princess Tapiocs release their second single ‘if i go’, which also is as direct and with a relatable theme as their debut ‘payphone’. The sequel ‘if i go’ talks about how wounds from past relationships can affect future relationships, and the feeling of loving someone more than they love you. The intimate vocals are cradled by a minimalistic production with deep bass, accentuated drums and well-placed breaks.

Princess Tapioca about the new single ‘if i go’: “We decided to build a chorus based on just major chords and the result was reminiscent of the harmonies and drama of classical music. We joked a bit and thought ”is this what it would sound like if Satie, Pachelbel and Bach composed a song today?” That there are so many emotions that move in classical music is something we are inspired by. Everything from euphoric love and happiness, to suffering and broken hearts and dreams.

“I like you more than you like me is a highly relatable feeling where at worst you can end up in a fragile state and would do anything for the person and at the same time wonder if the other person would do the same for you.”

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