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Photo credit: Lasse Høgh

Rebecca Lou releases new single ‘Heaven Or Hell’

In the spring, Rebecca Lou released the rebellious ‘DREAMGRRRL’ and now she is ready with the more thoughtful follow-up ‘Heaven Or Hell’ – a song about how life can feel like a jumble of both ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ at the same time.

Life is never all roses, but it’s not all death and destruction either – it’s a beautiful chaos of everything at once. Rebecca Lou shows this on ‘Heaven or Hell’, which is honest, brave – and full of energy.

“There are a lot of things I would like. I want to tour the whole world, pursue my dreams and stand up and be a really cool person, but I also get really scared and anxious and trapped in my head, because it takes a lot of someone to constantly break out of their comfort zone and dare to be brave. Life has constant ups and downs and that’s okay. Then you have to see if it ends up being heaven or hell. Probably both”, says Rebecca Lou about the single.

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