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Two years into her musical career REYSHA RAMI decided to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. The result was an amalgam of genres, styles, and sounds – which REYSHA now calls CYB3RPOP – that gives listeners an almost cinematic experience.

REYSHA’s songs range from energizing, sexually charged anthems to angsty, industrial dance tracks, as evidenced by her recent releases. Now, REYSHA has released her newest single, ‘S0ULFUL_4NARCHY_EXUM.’

“With ‘S0ULFUL_4NARCHY_EXUM,’ I wanted to make something that showcased the industrial side of my music palate,” she shares. “We were heavily inspired by the production choices of Mike Dean, Gesaffelstein, Hudson Mohawk, and Daft Punk. It felt so good to let myself get angry in the writing and recording process. We also collaborated with EXUM for this song, which was a dream. His verse is easily my favorite part of the song and both compliments and elevates the hard-hitting production.”

The release of ‘S0ULFUL_4NARCHY_EXUM,’ also marks a change in REYSHA’s single rollout plan. REYSHA has committed to releasing a new song every two weeks during the next few months which began in June of this year.

“I mainly did this out of necessity. When I’m only putting out one song every 4-6 months, I fixate and ruminate on the release, and it always leads to a kind of situational depression. My executive producer suggested that we try to shift my perspective on releases by simply flooding the year with music. So that’s what I’m doing. And it’s been liberating. Now, I can’t be sobbing about a song I released last week when I must get everything ready for next week’s release and the release after that. It’s more fun this way, and it feels so much more aligned with why I’m a musician – to create art that I love, and think is worth sharing,” REYSHA says.

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