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Photo credit: Caroline Safran

rlyblonde reveals new rock ballad ‘girl in your story’

rlyblonde – the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – reveals her new single, ‘Girl in Your Story,’ today.

The B-side to her electrifying alt-rock anthem ‘Your Angel,’ ‘Girl in Your Story’ uncovers a more sincere and tender side to rlyblonde’s artistry. While a sonic contrast to her previous work, the dreamy rock ballad continues to expand on the themes of identity, femininity, and romance that she has long explored in both her music, photography, and videography.

“My artwork across various mediums has often played with ideas of female tropes and stereotypes. ‘Girl in Your Story’ continues that exploration of my own identity, through performance and by embodying these various characters,” she elaborates. “At the end of the day, behind every scorned woman is just a hopeless romantic. Nothing consumes quite like a crush…and while it was devastating to realize my tendency to fantasize was not limited to men, it was also a very affirming moment in my queer journey to realize I could imagine my life with another woman.”

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