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Romanie releases the title track from her upcoming debut album Are We There Yet?

Romanie’s power lies in her storytelling – her ability to see the world beyond the noise and channel her introspections into piercingly relatable yet beautiful songs. Her latest single ‘Are We There Yet?’ taps into the nuanced feeling of being never enough, of always striving for the next thing. With this she primes the landscape for her debut album Are We There Yet? – a body of work exploring the intricacies and intensity of time itself.

“The idea for the song came from a prominent feeling in my life where I always feel like I’m looking towards the next goal, dreaming about the next thing,” Roman ie explains. “Always running out of time and feeling like seconds are slipping through my fingers. Especially throughout lockdown, I felt like I was aging but nothing else was happening and I got so frustrated by what felt like missed opportunities.”

Collaborating once again with acclaimed producer Alex O’Gorman (Angie McMahon, BATTS), Romanie has also taken on a co-production role for the single. Mastering was skillfully handled by Isaac Barter (Alex The Astronaut, Didirri).

The single ‘Are We There Yet?’ serves as the centrepiece of Romanie’s forthcoming debut album. Inspired by a sense of perennial restlessness and the constant pursuit of personal goals, it captures the inner struggle of being perpetually fixated on the future. Feeling the weight of stagnation and a deep frustration with missed opportunities during the lockdown period, she imbues a genuine and palpable urgency within the song.

Initially uncertain about the song’s completion, Romanie revisited her creative process a year later when she stumbled upon an old voice memo that bore the question ‘Are We There Yet?’ – with a new found mindset of brutal honesty she was able to re-craft the single with piercing authenticity.

“For ‘Are We There Yet?’ this approach definitely was a great vibe – I wanted it to feel like the song was rushed, as if you’re always on edge. I still wanted it to be a playful song, imagining my 10 year old self sitting in my mom’s car and asking 50 million times ‘are we there yet? when will we arrive?’ – as if that would get me my answer when I’d have made it in the music industry or life in general,” Romanie continues.

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