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Photo credit: Justin Manzano

Ronboy shares atmospheric single ‘Forget It’

LA-based rising alternative artist Ronboy, the musical moniker of Julia Laws, shares her latest ethereal single ‘Forget It’ out everywhere now. The forthcoming poignant and atmospheric debut studio album Pity To Love is due out September 30.

It was during the making of ‘Forget It’ that Ronboy knew she had a body of work taking shape. The sleek, mid-tempo production is bolstered with nostalgic, atmospheric instrumentation. Dropping into the bridge, Ronboy’s vocal mantra swirls around before rocketing into a high energy solo and final chorus, singing, “Forget it too easy / Not your problem / You get it, you get it / You do away with it.”

“‘Forget It'” was a distinctly fun song to write and record,” recalls Ronboy. “And as a bonus, has some stellar, inconspicuous personality.” Built around a demo recorded while sick, Ronboy shares,”I had an involuntary crack come out of my throat. I thought it had a vibe and dropped it throughout the chorus. Pitched a few of them around to follow the progression and coincidentally, they became the jumping off point for the syncopated rhythm and groove of the song.”

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