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Ruby Jones shares new single ‘Feeling of Falling’

Melbourne’s Ruby Jones is excited to release her new single, ‘Feeling of Falling’ a rollicking track created in and inspired by the period of lockdown restrictions that impacted Melbournians in 2020 -21.

‘Feeling of Falling’ reimagines the Coronavirus as a contemptible lover who is only interested in the surface level beginnings of a fleeting romance. “I had to reconceptualize what I was going through at the time. I found the pandemic impossible to process or understand so in order to write about it I needed to reframe the experience into something that I could relate to. I write love songs of all natures, so this was my way of turning something so huge and so global into something that I could really speak to, a song about heartbreak. I thought about what I’d say to the virus if it was an antagonistic lover, I have more experience with those than I do with plagues” explains Jones.

Music so relentlessly affecting could only be born of one thing: Ruby Jones’ willingness to take communion with the ghosts of her past. On ‘Feeling of Falling ’ Jones vocals are both as powerful as they are tender; she wraps a feeling of hopelessness in an upbeat skin which captures the feeling when someone is disastrously bad for you but you fall for them anyway.

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