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Photo credit: Amina Humphreys

Ruti returns with new single ‘Safe and Sound’

Ruti releases their new single ‘Safe and Sound’ via PMR Records/ Secretly Group. The high is never-ending for the Essex-born, Liverpool-based singer who quickly rose to the forefront of the emerging scene with their 2021 EP All At Once. The project was a 4-track cascade of sun-soaked-soul and ethereal tones.

‘Safe and Sound’arrives as Ruti’s second release since the EP, having since collaborated with dynamic pop-funk duo Bad Sounds on single ‘You Move Backwards’, and lands as an immediate reminder of their huge, undisputed potential. Immediately drawn in by a lulling saxophone intro, the track invites you into Ruti’s world, meanwhile, transporting you out of your own. Blending elements of modern pop, soul and jazz, the production lends itself as a bed to a very relatable sentiment, the comfort of home.

In their own words, Ruti explains; “The song for me is meant to feel on the edge. I wrote it at a time when I’d been travelling a lot and felt completely drained. I just needed to get home, I wanted comforting and security. Especially during this pandemic I’m probably not the only one who has felt like going out after spending some much time at home was kinda unnerving and tiring. I know this whole experience has not been the same for everyone.”


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