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Photo credit: Fraizer Dunleavy

Saint Saviour releases new single and video, ‘Better Than’

Saint Saviour, the solo alt-pop project of singer-songwriter Becky Jones, today releases her new single and video, ‘Better Than’, via VLF Records.

An ethereal acoustic dream-pop track with soft orchestral elements, ‘Better Than’ grows throughout the song into a beautiful mixture of brass, resonant chords, and layers of Becky’s stunning falsetto. “I told my girl self I would deviate,” she sings, before self-analysing herself, her feminism, and how she can pass down the self-esteem and sufficiency needed to be a good feminist to her daughter.

Speaking about the track, Saint Saviour said: “This song is a sort of self-criticism in a fun pop disguise. Have I been a good feminist so far? I’m not sure. It makes sense to compare myself to what was modelled to me. I can see that I have ‘broken a plate’ in the sense that I have quietly forged my own purpose and deviated from traditional expectations imposed on the women before me. However the song’s message hopes that my daughter’s generation will forge ahead with a stronger sense of self esteem. This is the missing piece from my story which I dearly hope she will find. “Don’t eat my mistakes, you’re better than this”. I’m happy that we managed to make the song feel jubilant in a way, it’s a message meant to embolden rather than preach.”

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