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Sandflower delivers a blissful escape with ‘Everyday Saturday’

Get ready to have your new feel-good anthem on repeat because Brooklyn’s rising music phenomenon and independent artist Sandflower, is dropping her new single ‘Everyday Saturday’. This record is the epitome of a musical rollercoaster. Combing warped synths, electronic-tinged vocals, and a rap interlude, listeners will be thrown into a trance and dancing until dawn. Sandflower’s pristine vocals only elevate this feel-good, groovy track.

Through her enchanting melodies and evocative lyrics, Sandflower creates an immersive musical experience that provides excitement and renewal to the listener. As she sings about good vibes and keeping your head held high, the sonic beats inspire a high-spirited effervescence that is truly infectious. The musical journey is enhanced when Sandflower raps in this track, a beautiful dichotomy from the blissful pop tune heard throughout.

With ‘Everyday Saturday,’ Sandflower invites listeners to dive into a sea of soul-searching and emerge stronger, empowered, and free-spirited. This song is a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from all of the background noise. The timeless melodies are sure to leave an indestructible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

“‘Everyday Saturday’ is a song I wrote in a lightning flash of effervescent inspiration,” says Sandflower. “It’s like the feeling of drinking strawberry iced tea on a hot day and all of a sudden not only are you refreshed but you can literally take over the world. And that’s the feeling of Everyday Saturday: deciding no matter what is going on around you OR what day of the week it is – today is absolutely the day to play with a puppy, wear your favorite outfit , and be carefree and confident- that’s exactly what you’re going to do and there’s nothing anyone can do that’s going to stop your flow!”

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