You are currently viewing SAUNDIA releases compelling new single ‘THE REMEMBERING’

SAUNDIA releases compelling new single ‘THE REMEMBERING’

First-Generation Armenian American musician SAUNDIA debuts her powerfully meditative new single ‘THE REMEMBERING’ today.

Influenced by a range of genres from jazz, R&B, and funk, SAUNDIA began exploring music as a child, always encouraged by her immigrant parents to pursue her passion. From her beginning in the theater to attending Berklee College of Music, SAUNDIA found her groove in rhythmic style infused with incredible jazz-inspired vocals. After losing her voice in 2016 and navigating intense vocal therapy to recapture her singing ability, she wrote and recorded her debut EP. This project encompasses her journey of loss, rebirth, freedom, and empowerment.

‘THE REMEMBERING’ embodies the collective energy of creating your own reality through a funky rhythmic beat and SAUNDIA’s soaring layers of vocals. The track itself reflects on the systems built to oppress and disillusion us, constantly holding us back from the freedom of self-expression and the power to forge our own paths. Beneath her unique vocal progressions, Sanskrit chanting billows in the background, a hypnotic sound that lures listeners into a sense of calm and reflection. As the track transitions from beat-focused melodies to acapella chants about dismantling the systems around us, SAUNDIA’s voice finds its sweet spot, flying over the harmonic hum with pitch-perfect precision.

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