You are currently viewing Scrounge share new single ‘Corner Cutting Boredom’

Scrounge share new single ‘Corner Cutting Boredom’

Emerging out of the South London DIY scene, Scrounge have spent time boiling down their ideas into a brand of sharp, concise art-punk that introduces elements of folk, techno and industrial music into a more familiar cocktail of noise-rock and riot grrl influences. Now, they release their new single ‘Corner Cutting Boredom’, which is out now via state51 and available as a digital download, as well as a limited edition Zine & Flexi Disc

On the track, the band said “”‘Corner Cutting Boredom’ is the start of a new phase of the band – bringing in more texture, more of the industrial and electronic influences that we’ve always loved, than ever before, but hopefully retaining the intensity and emotion that makes this a cathartic project to be part of. We’re really excited about where we’re going next with this, and we hope you get something out of it too.”

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