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Sha Sha shares new single ‘Ungowami’ feat. DJ Soa Mattrix

Sha Sha continues her reign of dominance on her Amapiano throne as she drops ‘Ungowami’ (Loosely translated as ‘you are mine’) featuring Soulful Amapiano DJ and Producer Soa Mattrix. The Amapiano love song ‘Ungowami’ launches the pre-order of her upcoming album titled I’m Alive.

Speaking about the inspiration of ‘Ungowami; Sha Sha shared; “’Ungowami’ is a love song. About finding that true partner that you wish you would find. A soulmate.”

On working with Soa Matrix, Sha Sha said; “I used to hear his music everywhere. He brings these beautiful chords. I was mostly inspired by the chords, they are actually heart strings. It was a perfect fit to the lyrics and the perspective on love that the song talks about. Love is always going to be a drive for me. Not only love in relationships but primarily love for yourself.”

When asked if ‘Ungowami’ is an indication of the sound of her upcoming project, Sha sha explained; “’Ungowami’ is one of the sounds in the album. And there is more to come. I want to avoid processing the album on behalf of people, I want them to have their own experience and I am very excited to see how it will be received. I like to surprise people.”


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