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Photo credit: Melody Berkery

Sipprell shares new track ‘Peace In The Madness’

South London’s Sipprell has announced her long-awaited debut album and shared its title track, ‘Peace in the Madness’. The project is set to be released on June 8.

On ‘Peace in the Madness’, Sipprell provides a heavenly introduction to the album and its themes. Her warm tone overlays a lush, plucky soundscape while the accompanying video (directed by Melody Berkery) follows an empowered Sipprell, pregnant, in stunning scenes of nature. Speaking of the new single and video, Sipprell explains:

“This song is about finding peace in the more difficult seasons of life, and knowing we’re gonna find a way through somehow, even if it takes a while. It’s about being thankful for the pain because through it, we grow. It sums up the whole album for me, because all the songs are about experiences I have learned from, and have made me who I am today. I really hope this music can be some kind of comfort for my listeners, amidst life’s chaos.”

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