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Sister Ghost shares riveting new single ‘Dark Matter’

Having already cemented her legacy with a breadth of wondrous outings, Irish artist Sister Ghost has now announced her plans for her long-awaited debut album Beyond The Water, showcased by its riveting lead-track ‘Dark Matter’.

Recorded in Los Angeles in summer of 2022 with the producer Brad Wood (known for his work on Liz Phair’s Exile on Guyville and Veruca Salt’s American Thighs), Beyond The Water is the culmination of years of toil and grit across the underground scene in recent years. The record also features Jeff Friedl on drums, who has also played with A Perfect Circle and is currently the drummer with DEVO. Highlighted by its stellar new offering ‘Dark Matter’, her latest material offers a new era within her sound, one focusing on her progressive songwriting and empowering lyricism throughout.

Speaking about ‘Dark Matter’, she said, “’Dark Matter’ is one of my favourites from the album, it’s bittersweet and nostalgic and it’s where the album title is lifted from. Musically it’s influenced by some of my favourite big-sounding 80s bands like Simple Minds, Tears for Fears, The Call etc.

“I wrote the lyrics for this song after being moved to tears watching the French film ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ by Céline Sciamma, as I really felt it echoed some of my own queer experiences. That’s also why there’s some French in the bridge section of the song, which translates to ‘my love, she glows in the fire’.

“The chorus phrase ‘dark matter, pour over me’ just came to me out of nowhere, and when I looked into it I found that dark matter in science is defined as being unseen or invisible, so then it made sense to me to use it as a device to convey the alienation and sadness queer people feel when they have to hide their true selves or walk away from relationships due to queer-specific circumstance.”

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