You are currently viewing Slow Fiction share new single/video ‘Apollo’
Photo credit: Miles Wilson

Slow Fiction share new single/video ‘Apollo’

Slow Fiction are a Brooklyn 5-piece drawing from a lineage of explorative rock music and applying their genuine storytelling to anthemic hooks, which are delivered with verve from lead vocalist Julia Vassallo.

The band kicks off 2024 by proudly announcing their signing to So Young Records, additionally commemorated with the release of their first single with the label, ‘Apollo.’

‘Apollo’ manages to capture a sense of raw feeling and integrity: a rare opening salvo that immediately defines who a set of young artists truly are. The track deftly explores when dreams and reality collide and the resulting chasm between the two.

As the band wrote on their newest release: “The recognition of being in love with what someone could be, but not what they are in reality. Apollo is the god of sunlight and poetry. Perhaps realizing that a person is not a god, without them you can still exist, create, and have a voice. Darkness is the absence of light, but it still has a word and meaning.”

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