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SM6 closes the door on toxic relationships in ‘Hands’

Emerging group SM6 has released their latest single, ‘Hands,’ an edgy take on pop that illustrates escaping from past relationships and finding yourself again. The track illuminates the feeling one has when finally ready to let go of someone after battling the feeling for so long. From being manipulated to giving up your strength to someone else, SM6 channels inner anger and seeks revenge through encountering independence.

‘Hands’ takes on sentiments of betrayal and anger, setting an aggressive tone. With the vocal talent, darker instrumental, captivating lyrics, and complex melody, listeners are taken through the moving experience of discovering their internal energy. “This song really signifies new beginnings and finding your inner power when leaving a toxic relationship,” says the band. “A lot of time and energy went into the making of this record; we hope the fans love it.” SM6 captures the liberation of finding self-love and building up courage after losing yourself. Utilizing visceral lyrics such as “Won’t let my knees hit the floor, I would never let myself beg for more from you,” SM6 creates an encouraging feeling of resilience and freedom of relying on someone to feel complete. The track was co-written by Shayon Daniels and Nicci Funicelli and produced by Jim Funicelli, Nicci Funicelli, and Shayon Daniels.

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