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SOFY shares new single ‘supermarket’

Welcoming one success after another, the sonic tapestry of SOFY expands as she releases her next single ‘supermarket’, on unfaltering foundations. Riding off the undeniable high’s of a quirky sell-out celebration show of ‘socks’, hosted by Posh Wash Laundrette, the space was filled out with spirited fans gaily singing every track back, without a word to spare. Followed by something a little more improv (and possibly a little less in tune), karaoke, SOFY proved there is no third wall when it comes to her music and her fans, as they all revelled, together until late.

‘supermarket’ is a delightful continuation of SOFY’s love-story – from wearing their socks to bed, to waiting outside of their supermarket. Where ‘socks’ details the excitement of a new relationship, juxtaposing this, ‘supermarket’ details the dissolution of one.

Speaking on ‘supermarket’, SOFY candidly explains; “‘supermarket’ is probably my favourite song on this project, there’s something really special about it for me. It’s about that sick to your stomach, spinning out of control, full body feeling you get when you realise the door of a relationship is closed for good, and how someone’s new beginnings mark something else’s ending-‘you’ve got your head on her shoulder, guess it’s finally over’. It starts off soft and feels almost like a lullaby in the first verse with the wurlitzers and acoustic guitar, but then it opens up into this soaring chorus and post before finishing off super softly and intimately again. It sounds proper cliche but I really feel like the journey of the track fully encompasses all the spectrum of emotions that you feel when something ends-sadness to desperation to frustration and then finally to closure.”

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