You are currently viewing Sophia Amato presents ‘ICONS,’ a celebration of New York’s extraordinary individuals

Sophia Amato presents ‘ICONS,’ a celebration of New York’s extraordinary individuals

Returning from a brief hiatus, rising singer-songwriter and all round creative entity, Sophia Amato, introduces her latest single ‘ICONS’. Known for her distinctive style that transcends conventional music genres, the new single stands as a triumphant opus, harmonising seamlessly with the very soul of New York City – daring, unapologetic, and brimming with ceaseless creativity.

Infused with the grandeur of anthemic horns and synths, ‘ICONS’ initially sprouted as a musical piece before organically evolving into a narrative that extends beyond the boundaries of a conventional song. “Inspired by the presence of New York City’s towering buildings, I began exploring the idea that “ICONS ARE ALWAYS LONELY,” a lyric that became the starting point for the song. I wanted to bring the chaos and density of the city into the layers of the song through elements like jazz horns, synths, and vocal stacks. Lyrical verses that resemble snippets of overheard conversations, along with anthemic horns and energetic drums, ICONS serves as an anthem for self-empowerment, a sense of arrival, and my personal soundtrack to the city”, shares Sophia Amato.

With the release of ‘ICONS,’ the multi-disciplinary artist based between London and New York, is able to seamlessly intertwine her diverse background and passions. With a foundation in theatre arts and a subsequent career as a singer/songwriter signed to Jinsing, with her own releases cared for by Virgin Music, Sophia Amato’s journey has led her to the intersection of music, art, and motion-picture. Through her unique perspective as a first-time Producer and Director, she has crafted more than just a song; ‘ICONS’ replete with a short film celebrating the human spirit and the inspirational cityscapes she has discovered while writing in New York. In connecting her love for storytelling with her musical roots, the ‘ICONS” single and short film seeks to reinforce the idea that the power of embracing one’s true self, alongside the myriad of distinct narratives and voices, is what truly shapes the world’s most iconic cities.

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