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SPELLES release new single ‘Holy Hells’

With their haunting and cinematic sonic landscapes paired with dynamic and soulful vocals, SPELLES returns with their stirring new single, ‘Holy Hells.’

The duo, made up of songwriters and instrumentalists Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent, have written and produced a powerful and soul-drenched anthem that echoes their love of stoic philosophy and the art of perseverance.

With lyrics such as, “In the kingdom of my ruin I made peace. From a dead land grew an Eden for all to see,” and “It was the highs that saved me, lows they made me,” ‘Holy Hells’ celebrates personal transformation and transcending dissonant forces that consume us.

Mixed by Andy D. Park (Deftones) and Mastered by Greg Calbi/Steve Fallone (David Bowie), ‘Holy Hells’ is a sophisticated blend of indie pop and blues/gospel influences that combine to create a deeply affecting and spiritual composition.

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