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Starya unveils hypnotic, bloghouse-inspired new track ‘Manipulator’

Starya wants to entrance her audience. The LA-based producer and vocalist, formerly known as Tuff Ghost, combines her talents as a beat-maker, singer and mixer to create dreamy, vocal-driven dance music, transporting listeners to other worlds.

The creative polymath launched her current Starya project last month with her debut single ‘The Garden.’ Now, she returns to Popgang Records with her sophomore single ‘Manipulator.’ The bloghouse-inspired, warehouse rave banger beckons listeners from the edge of their seats to the dancefloor, helmed by Starya’s hypnotic, commanding voice.

The track kicks off with a wave of distorted synths impacts and extra-terrestrial sound design, building slowly with soft kick drums. It then drops into its central groove, adding an assortment of percussive elements and futuristic synth melodies to aid in Starya’s repeated instruction. “Step left, step right, lean back, side to side,” she directs, anticipating a swaying audience induced by a section of high-pitched, electro-style synths blending seamlessly with deep bass tones.

“I love the idea of the audience being commanded by the artist on stage, sometimes you are being told to feel something subconsciously, sometimes it is more overt,” says Starya. “This particular song has a few very simple commands that lead to a few specific movements that potentially could result in a large-scale coordinated dance.”

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