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Stella Talpo embraces animalistic tendencies on new single ‘DUST’

Following singles ‘GOOD GIRLS’ and ‘QUICKSAND’, Stella shares her new track ‘DUST’, embracing the mythological themes present across her forthcoming debut album MEDUSA.

‘DUST’ takes the animalistic, fierce energy from ‘GOOD GIRLS’ and ‘QUICKSAND’, but ramps it up to new heights. Stella moulds her R&B sounds into a progressive alt-pop palette with chaotic, percussive production akin to Gazelle Twin and SOPHIE. The track channels themes of empowerment and embracing pain as a tool to drive personal growth, using the imagery of a trip to visit the Greek god of wine and revelry Dionysus.

“’DUST’ is a call to action, and a celebration of the human spirit’s resilience and ability to rise above adversity. It’s an Invitation to rise, and refers to the energy surge when a woman feels the monster within her come alive; a tribal conjuring of her true nature. I wanted to encourage listeners to abandon their doubts and fears, and to rise up from the ashes of their past.”

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