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STRABE share new single ‘Memories’

STRABE have premiered brand new single ‘Memories’, which is available now on [PIAS]. The band have also confirmed details of debut album How Our Love Grows, due for release on September 15 and introduced in style recently with ‘All My Heart’ (alongside a stunning, AI-generated video).

As the band begin their new era, ‘Memories’ also sees STRABE looking back: on past love, those relationships that shaped you, and who you are today. With a sound that summons the wistful alternative-pop of bands like The Cranberries – together with the emotive, electronic dance influences of Fred Again..or Romy – it’s all washed in blue, connecting with the water-theme and visual world of STRABE’s upcoming project.

As the band themselves put it, “’Memories’ perfectly toes the line between the sunny, bright pop side of this album and the deeper, more emotionally delicate sounds we have created in other tracks.”

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