You are currently viewing Tapeworms release glitchy and glittering new single and video, ‘IRL’

Tapeworms release glitchy and glittering new single and video, ‘IRL’

Genre-bending French band – Tapeworms – have returned with a new single ‘IRL’, ahead of a recently announced UK tour this May.

Arriving right in time for Spring, known as the season of rebirth, ‘IRL’ is a melting pot of sparkling sounds that blend digital string sections with warped sample solos.

Following on from their debut album Funtastic, released in 2020, the new track sees Tapeworms build their own innovative bridge between sugary synth-pop and contorted indie. Pushing their sound in new and exciting directions, ‘IRL’ brings a steady tempo and lush production that connotes images of surrealistic dreamlands.

The acronym for ‘In Real LIfe’, a phrase born on social media to distinguish ‘virtual life’ from ‘real life’, ‘IRL’ was heavily inspired by Japanese light novel Haruhi Suzumiya. Blending ethereal vocals with wonky pop beats, the track explores the relationship between dreams and real life and phantasm and reality.

Accompanied by an official video and dazzling new imagery inspired by livecam websites and early lifecasting macro-stars such as Jennicam, ‘IRL’s accompanying visuals play with a variety of narratives and captures the band living out their day-to-day lives.

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