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Photo credit: Sam Stevens

TELGATE release blistering new single ‘Gammon’

With a duty to start riots in 6’’ platforms, expect fierce androgyny and in-your-face performances along with music which is unapologetically queer, loud, and honest from Cardiff Aggro-Glam band, TELGATE. Their major musical influences include early psychedelia, glam rock, post punk, and riot grrrl. Paint your lips red and prepare to fall in lust with the queerest side of rock and roll.

‘Gammon’ is a glam rock-guitar driven thunderbolt that’s a good old fashioned ‘fuck off’ in the face of all things right-wing. An exhilarant musical statement towards the current state of the British nation.

With crashing drums and atmospheric 70’s fuzz-wah guitar; ‘Gammon’ hypnotises with a triumphant return to form for a band that are destined for a huge future. ‘Gammon’ is exactly what the rest of us are thinking, and a sincere anthem for change.

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