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Photo credit: Becca Hammel

The Beaches share new single ‘Me & Me’

Canadian four-piece The Beaches share their latest single ‘Me & Me’ in anticipation of their forthcoming album Blame My Ex, out September 15 via AWAL. ‘Me & Me’ serves as a follow-up to the band’s previous single ‘Blame Brett,’ released late Spring and serving as a compelling, angsty anthem for all members of the broken hearts club.

‘Me & Me’ is a spirited, infectious anthem for anyone overcoming the perils of being single. The track swiftly captures listeners’ attention with its escalating tempo, eventually culminating in a beach-y, soft rock jam perfectly suited for the summer. Throughout the song, an infectious guitar riff rolls smoothly in the background while the distinctive alto of lead singer Jordan Miller asserts the group’s determination to conquer heartache and loneliness with moxie; “save your pity, bitch / it’s kind of fun, just me and me / won’t waste my life self-loathing.”

High-spirited and addictive, ‘Me & Me’ is yet another perfect example of the charisma that distinguishes The Beaches as one of contemporary rock’s rising stars.

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