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Photo credit: Carey Shaw

The Garrys share new single & video ‘Cakewalk’

Canadian sister trio The Garrys release their new single, ‘Cakewalk,’ accompanied by a new music video, via Grey Records.

‘Cakewalk’ marks the first new music since 2021’s Get Thee To A Nunnery and the first release since the trio of Lenore, Julie, and Erica Maier recruited their brother Matthew on guitar. ‘Cakewalk’ is undoubtedly a The Garrys release in all the best ways, as the “doom-wop” outfit weaves criss-crossing guitar riffs and a three-part braid of harmony with rhythmic stutter, underpinned by the warm analogue hum of a VHS tape. The syncopated surf rock beats and guitars steeped in tremolo create a psychedelic dread drenched in dark nostalgia, conjuring images of a Lynchian school dance. “‘Cakewalk’ is the first song we’re releasing that was written by all four of us; lyrically, the track explores the nuggets of good advice we’ve all ignored, the existential discomfort of holding multiple truths, and the stoic relief of resignation to an indifferent universe,” the band added.

The accompanying music video for ‘Cakewalk’, shot and directed by filmmaker Carey Shaw, will also be available on the 3rd May via The Garrys’ YouTube channel. Taking aesthetic inspiration from vintage found footage of a 1988 Miss Saskatoon beauty pageant, the video features the soft-focus romance and shoulder-pad glamour of a mid-80s soap opera mixed with a surrealist take on a local television channel’s variety show.

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