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Photo credit: Jade Sastropawiro

The Klittens announce new EP Butter; share new single ‘Atlas’

Amsterdam’s The Klittens share the news that their new EP, Butter, will land March 8 next year.

Following the irresistible ‘Universal Experience’ that landed in the Autumn, the band return with the off-kilter majesty of ‘Atlas’, their second single to land from Butter. With ‘Atlas’ the band takes a moment to reflect on the strange principle of promises, how can you speak on behalf of a future you? Insistent, playful and complete with a Sonic Youth-esque final third, all set to a melody that is equally inquisitive, ‘Atlas’ hopes to be hopeful with a hint of melancholy.

‘Atlas’ reflects on the strange nature of lifelong promises and asks if they can exist. The band’s vocalist Yaël Dekker says on the subject: “How do you know you’ll still want tomorrow what you want now? Let alone wanting it forever. How can you even say you will, when you have no idea who you’ll be then? Is a promise a feeling or a thought? Then what is more important in life, taking vows or keeping them?

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