You are currently viewing The Pearl Harts release female empowerment themed new single ‘PURE’
Photo credit: Monika Wilcznska

The Pearl Harts release female empowerment themed new single ‘PURE’

UK alt-rock queens The Pearl Harts release female empowerment themed new single ‘PURE’.

“‘PURE’ is a song about positively owning ones’ dark side, ones’ shadow and integrating the anima and animus,” the band say. “Embracing our animal instincts, especially as womxn. In a world where womxn have been historically and culturally pushed into a box of sexual purity, goodness and obedience – this song is a protest against the saying ‘women should be seen and not heard’. Pure is an anthem for womxn to step into their power, not be ashamed to speak their mind and own their darker, unhinged, animalistic and traditional masculine side.”

Musically, ‘PURE’ blends Motown beats, Riot Grrrl chorus’s and a mixture of PJ Harvey influenced guitars with the energy of the classic wall of sound and chopped up vocal parts. Written and produced by The Pearl Harts, PURE was recorded at The Park Studios with long-term collaborator Tobin Jones, mixed by Matteo Buccomino and mastered at Air Studios by John Webber.

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