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Photo credit: Zac Farro

TOMI shares new song/video ‘If I Tried’

Today, TOMI shares her new song ‘If You Tried’. This is the first song of her forthcoming album Late Bloomer due out in August. The song is about when communicating with your lover feels like talking to a wall. In the case of the video, a mannequin.

‘If You Tried’ is an unfettered anthem about letting go of blame and moving on with a middle finger in the air, after a long drawn-out breakup. TOMI who left her major label in the pursuit of artistic freedom, embraces a new musical sensibility while building on the sweeping emotional range of her prior releases. ‘If You Tried’ navigates the feelings of loss and how for a long stretch of time TOMI absorbed the blame of the breakup, only to realize her former partner had never really been trying in the first place.

TOMI and her partner Haile Lidow (LIDOW ARCHIVE) thought up the fantasy land of the video to the 90s Mom Rock single while floating in a sensory deprivation tank in their hometown of Los Angeles. The two brought one of Lidow’s several mannequins to life – toying between fantasy and reality and a lopsided communication style. The story unfolds as TOMI picks up her lover at a bar and there begins a whirlwind romance – ultimately ending in a heartbreak. From an extravagant dinner of fake shrimp and lobster to a flirty band rehearsal, ‘If You Tried’ steps into the world of a giant Barbie…Lesbian Barbie.

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