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Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

TORRES releases new single/video ‘Wake to flowers’

TORRES — aka Mackenzie Scott — is excited to release ‘Wake to flowers’, her new single/video from the forthcoming album, What an enormous room, out January 26 on Merge.

Beginning with a lone drum and Scott’s distinct vocals, ‘Wake to flowers’ quickly blooms into an art-rock masterclass. “Didn’t know I’d wake to flowers,” Scott atop steely electric guitars and the strut of an irresistible bassline, “after going to sleep to rain.” The accompanying video was helmed by Scott’s frequent collaborator Dani Okon, who recently produced videos for ‘Collect’ and ‘I got the fear’.

Of ‘Wake to flowers,’ Scott says: “I’m familiar with the disappointment that frequently follows hope. People are frighteningly resilient. We are regularly optimistic and regularly shattered by the want of something, maybe something that takes all our might and energy and then still doesn’t happen. But have you ever been anxious that things weren’t going to turn out the way you hoped, or maybe you weren’t very optimistic, and then you got everything you wanted? I feel like this happens a lot but I don’t hear it acknowledged very much. Everything I have now is something I once fought and longed for—this song is my way of keeping myself aware of that all the time.”

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