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Tough On Fridays release new song ‘Daisy’

‘Daisy’ is the second single from Tough On Friday’s forthcoming new album, The Encore You Didn’t Ask For and is available digitally now via Archangel Records.

Tough On Fridays may be known to come charging out of the starting gate, all guns blazing, firing off grungy, rock and roll salvos from low-slung guitars, one foot on the monitor, the other stepping into a bright new future for the genre, but since then they have proven that they are anything but a regular rock and roll band. ‘Daisy’ just reinforces this.

Coming on like an indie-acoustic ballad, the minimal strumming leaves the space wide open to appreciate the vocals, both in terms of what they have to say but more so the atmosphere and emotion that they cast across the song. Slow dynamic steps are taken and then finally, all caution is thrown to the wind and you find yourself faced with their wall of noise sonic onslaught.

And it is this dynamic build, this ability to go from nothing much to everything at once, from calm and creative to cavernous crescendos at the flick of a switch which shows you just how in control the band is, how carefully crafted the song is, how cool the delivery is.

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