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Track of the Week: ‘Gentleman’ by Mckenna Grace

Actress and singer McKenna Grace is out with a new single titled, ‘Gentleman.’ A music video was also released alongside the song which was directed Grace and Gus Black.

The song kicks off with some heavy clean guitar while we see Grace and her dog. Throughout the video we cycle through many different dogs in many different cute scenarios. The track itself gets brighter and shinier layering on thick indie vibes. The lyrics describe the artist’s ideal gentleman. The lyrics say, “Pick me up, hold the door, say I’m yours…buy me flowers…fix my hair, the little things that show you care.” In a way, the song is saying chivalry is not dead.

Grace comments on the inspiration behind the song, “I wrote this song about the first time a person made me feel like I was worth their time and effort in a romantic relationship. I was kind of used to accepting the bare minimum (because that’s all I knew) and I didn’t feel like I was worth a lot in a relationship. It was the first time I realized “Oh! This is how it should be, and this is how I want to be treated!” [via mxdwn]

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