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Track of the Week: ‘Good Morning’ by Kaeto

Kaeto shares her debut single ‘Good Morning’, an introduction to the nascent talent of the Scotland-born, London-based artist. ‘Good Morning’ was recorded alongside Pete Robertson, founding member of The Vaccines, whose recent production credits include Beabadoobee (Fake It Flowers), Orla Gartland (Woman on the Internet), Clairo, Pixey and more.

On ‘Good Morning’, Kaeto gives life to the negative inner voice, personifying it as a deranged, toxic entity intent on drawing her under whilst boldly confessing “I’m gonna make you feel like a piece of sh*t today”. The track is accompanied by a video which achieves the same, and sees Kaeto embody her antihero with wholly-captivating relish. 

Whilst the instrumental inflections on ‘Good Morning’ are a clear nod to Kaeto’s songwriting heroes, the uncluttered production brings her distinct vocals to the fore – all recorded in one take to capture the unhinged atmosphere of its central figure. Kaeto explains “‘Good Morning’ is ultimately a song about imposter syndrome. I enjoy writing by freestyle rather than note taking or scribbling down lyrics, so the chorus here is from the original freestyle take. This makes it feel as though the songs write themselves, acting as a gateway to my subconscious of suppressed feelings and thoughts. This song in particular stemmed from feeling ridiculously uncomfortable in myself and my attempts to record music. I often feel quite embarrassed just to exist, so any position of responsibility or creativity can make my most uncertain inner voice come to life. I’ve often been told to give these negative assertions a name and so the song felt as though it was a manifestation of this process. In order to do this, and address some of those ill feelings about myself, I developed a character that I felt personified them. I hoped that in doing so, and seeing how ridiculous these things sounded out loud might enable me to dispel them..”

Photo credit: Anya Rose

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