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Track of the Week: ‘Gumdrop’ by Yuna Kil

Yuna Kil proudly shares her 2nd single ’Gumdrop’. Yuna Kil is a self-made artist and producer from Sweden who makes aggressive and energetic, in-your- face electronic metal. Rage and anger is her fuel, and she creates her art from her innermost feelings using straight-forward, honest lyrics, heavy riffs and explosive productions.

Yuna Kil had this to say on the song: “’Gumdrop’ is a catchy and quirky song with influences from both nu-metal and metalcore. It’s written, recorded, produced and mixed by me in Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden. The lyrics depict my lifelong mission trying to fit in with the popular kids and feeling the pressure to do things I don’t really want to do just to be accepted. It actually took me up until just a few years ago to realize that I’m an outcast and much happier just being my true weird self. And it would be really cool to inspire others to have the courage to do the same.”

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